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    This season we re-launch our iconic Sarek Boot with a new apparel collection inspired by Swedish 70’s mountain hiking. The Sarek Collection is a tribute to the extreme wilderness in Sarek – considered the largest untouched wilderness in Europe and protected as a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1995. ”The SS20 SAREK collection is sprung from the passion of finding a sustainable outdoor lifestyle, the love of the river and the surrounding mountains, and our hope that it forever remains wild.” New for the season is the Tretorn Sarek apparel collection and the collaboration with menswear designer Nigel Cabourn

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    SAREK National Park is a 1970 km2 national park in the western part of Jokkmokk municipality in Lapland and was formed in1909. The park is one of the oldest national parks in Europe and is Sweden's largest high mountain area where the indigenous Saami people have lived and followed the reindeer migration since ancient times. The Rapa river is a 75 km long river runs through the Rapa Valley and forms the Laitaure Delta before entering the lake. As a tribute to the beautiful river delta we created the new pattern Rapa Valley by extracting patterns from an air photo.


    649 DKK
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    It all started 1891 crafting high quality protective rubber boots. First made for farmers in the southern part of Sweden, but soon also for hiking in the extreme mountain regions of northern Sweden. The Original Sarek boot is a symbol of Tretorn’s rich history and has been an icon for over 40 years. And since Sarek is an essential theme this season and the Scandinavian outdoors is at our core – we decided to bring our beloved Sarek 72 rubber boot back. Also, meet this new Sarek member – The Sarek Breathable is already an icon boot for the future of Scandinavian hiking.


A high cut hiking/hunting rubber boot inspired by the original Tretorn classic Sarek released in 1972. Due to the flexible upper design and natural rubber material, the shaft can be folded up and down to adapt it to suit various weather conditions and terrains. The sole has a grip sure patterned outsole also in the arch making it ideal to wear for hiking in different terrains.


This new hiking boot was developed to meet the demanding experiences when long distance hiking in the wet rivers and mountainous terrain in north of Sweden. Made for long days and long distances, Sarek Breathable has a sole construction that gives ease walking through rough terrain on hard and slippery grounds. It is constructed with a straight shaft that folds easily, making it easy to ventilate. It has a snug fit so it sits comfortably when moving, as the purpose of the boot is for movement in the outdoors with great comfort. The shaft is made in a lightweight breathing material, which makes it comfortable to wear and lighter to use.

  • SAREK 72 Green

    899 DKK
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    The model Sarek 72 brings back the popular 70’s vintage style from mountain hiking in Scandinavia. It’s made in a breathable, waterproof and windproof recycled eco-fabric and equipped with an extra wide hood and high collar for better protection from rain in strong winds. The front pockets are made in a clean design and the draw cord adjusters fitted at the hem allow for the fit to be adjusted matching a use in city and nature.

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  • Sarek 72 Rain

    The classic, short rain jacket, Sarek 72 Rain is made in the same 70’s vintage style, inspired from mountain hiking in Scandinavia. It is made of recycled polyester that is coated with PU, which provides total waterproofness. The jacket is equipped with ventilation in the back that supports breathability for heavy usage. It has a wide hood and high collar for better comfort and protection in wind and rain.

  • SAREK 72 RAIN MEN Dark Navy

    749 DKK
  • SAREK 72 RAIN MEN Sand

    749 DKK
  • SAREK 72 RAIN WMN Dark Navy

    749 DKK
  • SAREK 72 RAIN WMN Spectra yel

    749 DKK