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Our approach to sustainable innovation is not just to create new and improved products with a more sustainable mindset. For us, sustainability means creating an organization and business that provides quality of life throughout the whole system, while still being resilient with the environment and its resources. A sustainable company is one that resembles a living system where all of the resources (human, natural, economic) are renewed and in balance for perpetuity.


We want to be an inspiration and a role model for how businesses can interact with nature and create a more globally conscious process. We are inspired by nature’s own ecosystem, and we strongly believe in a process where nothing should go to waste. Products should last long, be reused, and eventually be recycled. We have also found new ways to look at high quality waste as an opportunity — a resource to repurpose and develop into a globally-conscious process while slowly eliminating the very concept of waste.


The Eco Essentials initiative is our platform for changing the way we do business and an innovation opportunity that’s been integrated across our business in policies, processes, and products. Today, we are expanding Eco Essentials to deliver better solutions that benefit our everyday user, the company, and the world.


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