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Tretorn x Foodstock



Tretorn is collaborating with Foodstock, an initiative by the Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt that offers inspiring and educational experiences with focus on Scandinavian gastronomy and food craftsmanship, where sustainability, good food and outdoor experiences together with other people are in focus. Together, Foodstock and Tretorn want to explore nature and what it has to offer. It can be about outdoor cooking, but also about how to find and take advantage of nature's pantry during the different seasons.



“Nature is our most important supplier – and it is not as inaccessible as one might think. It is just around the corner”, says Niklas Ekstedt.


In Sweden we have the unique freedom to roam and a rich natural and animal life, as well as exciting ingredients, tastes and experiences – right outside the door. With initiatives such as Foodstock Destination that are carried out together with Tretorn, our common hope is to inspire more people to go out and experience everything around us. In 2021, Foodstock in collaboration with Tretorn will be organising a handful of Foodstock Destinations in Sweden and invite fans to join.


The partnership also includes an ambition to, both through the concept Destination and other common initiatives, show that it is not always necessary to travel far away or have advanced gear to be able to enjoy incredible experiences – but that all of this can be found just outside the door or a stone’s throw away. It can be pop up restaurants outdoors in the nature or festivals with taste in focus.


Together, we want to be an inspiring and enabling source of a more democratised outdoor life and outdoor cooking – it does not always have to be advanced to be of high quality. Keep your eyes open to be part of the journey, and bon apetit!